Hospital rooms of the future

hospital rooms of the future

From more accurate patient information displayed in hologram-like computers to modern and sleek antibacterial surfaces, the patient room of the future is pretty exciting. Changes coming down the pipeline will decrease hospital-based infections, reduce medical errors, allow nurses and doctors to work more efficiently and make for a more comfortable and enjoyable patient experience.

What do we see for the patient room of the future? As a start, touch screens that will allow a patient to dim the lights, call the nurse, choose their meal options or read the news.

Singapore Health Services, Singapore’s largest public healthcare group, is already utilizing the Patient Bedside Terminal, a bedside computer that can retrieve medical records and X-rays, video call nurses, and provide entertainment for the patient.

Demographic realities point to these numbers getting worse. The Saudi Arabian healthcare sector caters to a rapidly growing population, which is xpected to reach 31.6 million by 2016. And, already 40% of the population is over the age of 34, meaning they will likely require more health-related interventions that can expose them to infections.

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