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renal solutions

The renal unit focuses on kidney and liver dialysis healthcare needs, promoting effective treatment and quality of life. The department specializes in complete solutions for patients suffering from chronic or acute renal failure, or kidney failure.  nawah’s renal team is committed to improving the lives of renal patients by offering the latest technologies and advances for sustainable treatment, including hemodialysis, continuous renal replacement therapy for acute renal failure, and liver dialysis. The renal unit department has partnered with leading edge suppliers including GAMBRO and Actual-way® to offer a wide array of products ideally suited for both emergency treatment and the management of chronic disease. The renal unit at nawah also offers technical and medical training for engineers and medical staff.

products & services

Chronic renal dialysis

  • dialysis units (hemo dialysis, hemo dia filtration, hemo filtration)
  • water treatment (RO, portable, pre-treatment, chillers, distribution loops)
  • dialysis chairs/beds
  • fistulas
  • blood lines
  • dialyzers
  • concentrates (acid & bicarbonates)

Acute renal dialysis – CRRT continuous renal replacement therapy

  • CRRT machines
  • warmers
  • holders
  • lits (dialyzers + blood tubing, catheters)
  • solutions (electrolytes)

Liver dialysis (for acute patients)

  • liver dialysis equipment's
  • kits (dialyzers+blood tubing+catheters)
  • solutions (electrolytes)


infection prevention technology solutions

nawah's infection prevention technologies division provides comprehensive solutions for healthcare providers' sterile processing departments (SPD), central sterile supply departments (CSSD), and infection control departments. The division’s premium sterilization solutions help caregivers minimize the risk of infection, protect patients during hospitalization and ensure a safe environment for healthcare professionals. nawah helps hospitals reduce the cost of equipment ownership, bring down cycle times, and increase equipment load capacities through the efficient protection of surgical instruments. The IPT division offers turnkey solutions geared towards rapid deployment, as well as consultancy and evaluation for decontaminated and isolated areas in the CSSD and SPD. A full range of Infection control capital equipment is also available.

products & services


  • AIC – applied infection control (hand hygiene & surface disinfection)
  • SAP – sterility assurance products 
  • (chemical & biological indicators & incubators)
  • ICC / detergents - (instrument cleaning chemistries) for manual & automatic cleaning 
  • wrapping materials 
  • pouches


advanced medical technologies solutions

nawah’s advanced medical solutions (AMS) division provides Saudi Arabia’s healthcare sector with advanced blood banking and laboratory solutions.  nawah’s aim is to enhance the health and safety of healthcare provision through solutions that improve patient care while also contributing positively to business bottom lines. With equipment and expertise sourced from global leaders.  nawah’s AMS division offers integrated laboratory and blood banking setups.

products & services

Laboratory & blood bank

  • blood bags with integrated leuco depletion filters
  • solutions (for extending platelets age)
  • high capacity blood bank centrifuges (including benhtop)
  • fridges & freezers for general lab & blood banks
  • Co2 incubators 
  • safety cabinets 
  • vacuum centrifuges 
  • cryo-preservations (liquid nitrogen freezers, shippers, canisters …)
  • blood bank management software 
  • automated & complete urine analysis solution (chemical & microscopic)
  • plasma thawing machines
  • complete solution for blood donation process (blood donation shakers, tube sealers, blood components separators, tube stripers, boxes to transfer blood)
  • X-ray accessories (aprons with thyroid shields,  leaded gloves, leaded goggles, gonade shields)